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Continued from here. A breeze blew through the park, across… - A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG

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[Apr. 29th, 2007|05:53 pm]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG


[mood |lovedloved]

Continued from here.

A breeze blew through the park, across Fred's sun-warmed skin, as she moved against Nick. Her eyes closed, and her face tilted up, letting her hair trail down her back. She was starting to forget where they were, only thinking about the fact that she was with the man she loved more than anything and how being with him was making him feel.

Nick was rubbing against her clit with each upward thrust, and she soon felt herself heading for release again. She pressed down harder, rotating her hips, wanting to feel him come as well. Just as he groaned, telling her he was close, she gasped, her body beginning to shudder. Before she could say anything in return, the shudder turned into a spasm as she felt Nick's warmth flood her, his cock throbbing within her. Crying out softly, she buried her face against his shoulder as she held him tightly.

When they both finally stopped trembling, Fred lifted her head, looking into Nick's eyes and kissing him. "I love you," she whispered, just sitting there on his lap with him inside her, not wanting to break their connection quite yet.

Reaching up, she ran her hand through his hair with a smile. "I don't know about you, but I'd say this beats making love in my parents' barn while they were gone to town."

From: sciencegrlfred
2007-04-30 02:24 am (UTC)
"My dad never would have used a shotgun on you," Fred told Nick softly. "He likes you too much. And even if he tried, I wouldn't let him do anything to hurt you."

When he lifted her up, she whimpered softly at the loss as he slipped out of her, but she knew that they couldn't stay there all day, much as she would have liked to. She let him set her on the table and stayed there while he jogged over to the Tahoe. As he did, she ran her hand over her stomach, suddenly not sure how she might feel if it turned out she could never have a baby with him. She had wanted to let what happened happen, either way, but now...

She found she really wanted it with Nick if they could.

Looking up, she smiled at him when he returned and helped her clean up. She then straightened her dress and headed back to the truck, climbing in and getting the map back out to help navigate. As they continued their journey once Max was settled, she almost giggled at Nick's comment.

"I...I'm sure we could..." she told him. He was making it sound like Wes hated sex or something. Of course, she had no idea what Wes did and didn't like. It wasn't something that exactly came up, all things considered. "Why don't we see how things go when we get there. Besides...if we have to, I know how to be quiet."

She caressed him behind his ear for a moment before turning back to the map. After a few more hours, they saw the first sign indicating they were nearing Sunnydale. "Okay, Wesley said that once we come into the city limits, we need to go through the town and then turn off past the remains of what was the high school." She looked over at him. "Apparently, something really bad happened there a few years ago. Go about a mile, turn left onto Rojo Court, then make an immediate right into the apartment complex where Wes is staying."
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