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Lost love found - A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG

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Lost love found [Jan. 11th, 2007|09:55 pm]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG


[Current Location |Las Vegas, Nevada]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

The sound of the locker door shutting filled the small room as Nick slipped his jacket on. He opened his small duffle bag and slipped the pictures Doc Robbins had given him earlier. They were photos from a recent autopsy he'd done. The case had been closed when everyone came to the conclusion it'd been a wild animal who had killed the woman. But, Nick had another theory.

A theory he could only discuss with Fred. If he told the rest of him he thought it might be a demon, he'd end up talking to the department's shrink.

"Hey," Warrick said when he walked in. "You off already?"

"Yep," Nick said with a grin. "Greg finally got those DNA results back. Bagged the perp and now I'm goin' home."

"Got plans with Fred tonight?" the other man asked as he put his bullet proof vest inside of his locker before sitting down on the bench.

"Nah. Just a quiet night at home," Nick said as he picked up his duffle bag. "Maybe they weekend we can meet up and do something. She's been wantin' to go to that new Mexican place over on Melrose."

"Sounds good. Just give me a ring."

"Will do," Nick said before telling Warrick goodbye and leaving the locker room.

He walked through the building, a smile to his face. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed. Over six years ago, he was madly in love with Fred, wanting to marry her. She was living in Los Angeles and he had just started working for the Las Vegas crime unit. They had the perfect relationship and were looking forward to their lives together.

Nick could remember the day she disappeared as if it'd happened the day before. They had spoken on the phone for about an hour, making plans for Nick to drive to Los Angeles to visit her. She was supposed to call later than night, but she didn't. The next call he would get was to tell him she had gone missing.

Shortly after, he started a frantic search for her. He had almost lost his job because all he could think about was her. If it hadn't been for Grissom, he would've been unemployed. But, he still couldn't get her out of his system - no matter how many years had gone by. Fred was the love of his life, and he continued to search for her.

A few months before, Nick got a message at the station, asking him to call someone named Wesley. He recognized it has a Los Angeles number, and even though he didn't want to get his hopes up, he couldn't help but to wonder if it was about Fred. When he called, he spoke to Wesley and found out Fred had been found.

He left for Los Angeles that night and went straight to the hotel. When he got there, Wes warned him Fred had been through a lot and she might be a little different. He went up to her room and at first she was skittish and said he wasn't real. It broke his heart but he knew he couldn't lose her again. That's when Nick reached out and softly touched her cheek, like he had so many times in the past. And, it was that gesture which brought Fred back to him.

They spent a week at the hotel, Nick trying hard to understand what happened to her. He was given books to look at and he couldn't believe there was another culture out there, with vampires and demons and witches. It took Nick awhile to understand it all but he tried - for Fred's sake.

It was finally decided the best place for Fred was in Las Vegas with him. They went back and she slowly recovered and they grew close again. Nick was glad the love they'd had before was still there, and this time it was stronger. Nothing would ever take his Fred away from him again.

After leaving the lab, Nick drove to a local Taco Hut and ordered a pack of tacos, along with some soda. He had called Fred earlier and they decided to just have takeout for supper and lay around for the rest of the night. With the tacos in hand, Nick pulled his Tahoe into the driveway and drove it into the garage.

When he stepped inside, he was greeted by their black lab. "Hey, Max," he said before the dog limped off. Nick always wished he could do something for the dog, who'd been shot in his hind leg, but the vet said he wasn't in pain and Max loved running around and jumping on their bed - while they were trying to sleep.

Setting the food on the kitchen table, Nick walked into the living room, where Fred was standing and putting a book back on its shelf. Walking over to her, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and smiled. "How's my girl?" he asked before placing a small kiss on her neck.

[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-19 04:29 am (UTC)
When Fred started to shudder underneath him, Nick groaned and started to push harder insider of her. Suddenly, she was coming and Nick found himself trapped inside of her. He tried to move but before he could, everything inside of him exploded inside of her, emptying his seed deep within her. He quickly caught himself before he fell on her.

Licking his lips, he took a few deep breaths and looked down at her. "That was so wonderful, darling," he said as he leaned down and nuzzled her neck. Suddenly, the phone started to ring and Nick looked over at it. He didn't want to move and risk slipping out of her. She felt too wonderful for that to happen.

When it stopped ringing, Nick smiled. "I'm sure the machine picked it up or they'll call back," he said before leaning down to softly kiss her. "I love you, Fred," he said as the phone started to ring again. He sighed and shook his head. "I better get that."

He carefully slipped out of her and reached over for the cordless phone. It as his contact and Nick spoke to him a few moments before hanging the phone up. He turned and looked at Fred. "That was Jack. Supposedly, the same sort of murders happened in a town named Sunnydale in California. All of the cases were closed right away because 'wild animal attacks' happen a lot there. He said it's about three hours from LA. Do you think Wes would know of the place?" he asked.
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From: sciencegrlfred
2007-01-20 02:35 am (UTC)
When Nick came, Fred felt his warmth flooding through her, so unlike anything she had ever felt before. It caused her to shudder a little longer as she held onto him tightly until finally, she fell back against the bed, feeling a bit like jello. She could still keenly feel his cock inside her and didn't want him to pull out, didn't want to lose the connection between them.

"That was amazing," she agreed softly, turning her head to rub her cheek against the side of his head. When she was with him, she felt more at home and normal again than she ever thought possible.

She wanted to just hold him inside her for however long she could, but just then the phone rang. Groaning, she let her head fall back. Nick didn't move, however, causing her to smile. Let the world give them a break - they had just go engaged more than five years later than planned. They deserved to have this moment to themselves.

But the phone started ringing again, and they both knew that Nick needed to answer it. When he slid out of her, Fred felt a bit of a loss, but at the same time, she knew that they would be doing this again. Again and again and again. While he spoke to the person on the other end, she pushed herself up onto her elbows, watching him, sometimes amazed with how clearly she had remembered him even when she thought she had made him and she had been forgetting other things, like the fact that she had been born and raised in this dimension. The way he stood, the way his mouth moved - she had remembered it all.

When he hung up the phone and told her what Jack had said, she furrowed her brow. Sunnydale sounded familiar. "I...I think he might. I seem to remember Wesley talking about that place when he was telling me about vampires and Slayers and Watchers." She thought for a minute, trying to sort through all the information. "Hellmouth. It's where the Slayer lives."

Her eyes opened wide. "Oh, Nick - we definitely have to tell Wesley about this now!"
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[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-20 03:10 am (UTC)
Nick watched Fred has realization came to her face. Vampires, Slayer, and Hellmouth. He knew about vampires and about how the Slayer killed them, but the Hellmouth? Had she told him about that? There was so much she told him, and so much they'd looked up together, that he couldn't remember.

"If these demons are killing in Sunnydale, do you think that means something happened to the Slayer?" Nick asked as his brow furrowed. "I mean, if I were a demon, I wouldn't go and hang out where the Slayer lives. That'll be like killing a person in front of a CSI. And from what you've told me and from what we've read, some demons are pretty smart. It doesn't make sense."

He pulled Fred into his arms and nuzzled her hair as he continued to think. "But, didn't it say when a Slayer dies, a new one is made? And if there's a Hellmouth in Sunnydale, then why didn't the new one go there?" Nick shook his head. "I think it's a good idea to call Wes and see if he knows anything about it."

Nick reached over and handed the phone to Fred. "And, what's a Hellmouth?" he asked with a sheepish look.
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[User Picture]From: sciencegrl_fred
2007-01-22 04:52 am (UTC)
"I don't know," Fred said, rubbing the back of her neck as her brow furrowed. "Wesley said a lot of bad stuff happened in Sunnydale, and that's why they need the Slayer there, so maybe these demons don't care. Or maybe they want the Slayer--what was her name...?" She shook her head, unable to remember. "Maybe they want her to know they're there."

She cuddled against Nick, just as worried as him about why this demon was in Vegas when it seemed that Sunnydale would have been more its speed. "It did...but I think that the Slayer in Sunnydale was already replaced once because she died, and the Slayer that could be replaced is in prison, so unless they're both dead..." Her head was starting to hurt from trying to figure all of this out when all they knew was that the same kind of demon had killed both there and in Sunnydale. "I think calling Wes would be a very good idea."

Taking the phone, she reached over to her side of the bed and picked up the notebook Wesley had given her, flipping it open to find where she had written down his cell phone number. "The hellmouth is just that - an entrance to hell. Apparently, the guy who founded the town knew it was there, so he built there on purpose. He wanted to use its power or something. It's been stopped from opening a few times...and we really don't want it opened."

Finally, she found the number and dialed, hoping for Wesley to pick up. The phone just continued to ring and ring until it went to voice mail. "Wesley, this is Fred. I know we haven't talked or anything since I left with Nick, and I hope you're okay, but I need to talk to you because there's something going on. There was an attack here in Vegas that looks like it was done by demon that lived in Pylea, only I didn't think it lived in this dimension either. And it's apparently attacked in Sunnydale. Nick and I were hoping you might be able to give us so more information and help us with this because if these demons are from Pylea..." She trailed off for a moment, looking at Nick. "Please, call when you get this. You have our numbers."

Hanging up the phone, she sighed and curled back into Nick's arms, still afraid to think about how these demons were here if they were from Pylea.
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[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-22 05:26 am (UTC)
While Fred was on the phone, Nick slipped out of the bed and opened the door. Max, like always, was sitting by the door, wanting to go to bed. The dog limped into the room and went over to his dog bed. After walking around in circles, he finally plopped down. Nick shook his head and climbed back into the bed.

As Fred left a message for Wes, Nick softly stroked her thigh. When she mentioned Pylea, he stiffened a little - just hearing the name of that place caused chills to run down his spine, and he hadn't even been there.

When Fred finished with the call, Nick gather her in his arms. "Hopefully he'll call soon," he said before softly kissing her on the top of the head. It was getting late, and even though he didn't have to work the following day, Nick found himself starting to nod off. "I'll keep the phone by the bed tonight in case he calls."

He pulled the covers over them and snuggled closer to her. "Night, baby. I love you," he whispered before falling asleep.

The following morning, Nick was woke up when Max nudged his cold nose against his hand. He pushed his eyes open and carefully removed himself from Fred's arms. "C'mon, boy, lets go make breakfast for Fred, alright?" he said as he slipped out of the bed.

After Nick slipped on a pair of boxers on, Max followed him out of the room and to the backdoor. Nick let him out and then filled his bowls up with food and water. After setting them on the floor, Nick let the dog back in and went to work on making some sausage and egg burritos for Fred.

Once the food was finished, Nick placed the plates on a tray, along with some orange juice, and took it to the bedroom. He sat the trays down on the dresser and crouched by Fred's side of the bed. "Hey," he softly whispered as he ran his fingers over his cheeks. "I made you breakfast."
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[User Picture]From: sciencegrl_fred
2007-01-29 02:39 am (UTC)
"I love you too, Nick," Fred murmured before she fell asleep, her arm wrapped around him.

Her dreams were a bit strange that night, a mishmash of images and events. Nick was there, but he wasn't exactly Nick. He felt like Nick, though, and they held each other and made love and whispered about how they had to be careful about being found out. Then they were fighting together, and he was teaching her how to use a crossbow. Raising the crossbow, she hit a vampire in the chest causing it disappear in a puff of smoke. There was something in the distance, so she ran toward it, only to find herself in a cave, staring at a weapon she had never seen before, a woman telling her it was too soon - she wasn't meant to use it. She wanted to ask why, but before she could, she was back with Nick in bed, his hand gently rubbing over her belly, which was swelled. She felt a kick, and instead of happiness, she felt anguish as she was unexpectedly sitting alone, in a dark place.

Give them back to me. Give them back, give them back, give them back.

Suddenly, she felt a gentle touch on her cheek and came awake, her eyes fluttering open. Nick was kneeling in front of her, telling her he had made her breakfast, and for a moment, all Fred wanted to do was throw her arms around him and never let him go ever again.

Instead, she leaned forward and pulled him in for a deep kiss, the feel of his lips against hers pushing away the remnants of the dream. When they parted, she looked at him with a smile as she touched his temple with the back of her hand. "I have the best fiance in whole entire world," she told him softly.

Sitting up, she ran a hand through her hair, then looked over at the phone on the nightstand on Nick's side of the bed. "I take it Wesley hasn't called," she said. "Hope he's okay since he was trying to run that agency by himself when we left."
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[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-30 05:29 am (UTC)
Nick could tell something was off about Fred and the way she looked. Had she had another nightmare about Pylea? Even though she was slowly recovering from it, there were still nights when she would have a bad dream and he would wake up with her, and hold her until she felt safe enough to sleep. He wanted to ask but knew Fred would tell him in time.

"And, I have the best girl in all of the universe," he said with a grin before he kissed her cheek. He stood up and allowed his eyes to tick over toward the phone. "Nothing yet. Not even a voice mail. Maybe after breakfast you can try him again. Maybe he had a late night last night and is still sleeping or something."

Leaning over, he softly kissed the top of Fred's head and moved over to the dresser to retrieve the food. Once he had it, he came back to the bed and carefully sat the tray down before slipping in beside her. "This one's yours since it has gross tomatoes in it," he said, winking at her. He handed her the plate and her glass of orange juice.

After getting situated on the bed, Nick started to eat his burrito. "Maybe we can do something this afternoon. Maybe go down to the strip and check out some of the shops," he suggested. Even though he lived there, Nick still found himself enthralled with the strip at times. Plus, it was always fun to find new places to go.

He was about to suggest a shop Warrich had told him about but he was cut off when the phone started to ring. Nick looked down at the caller ID and saw Wesley's name pop up. "It's Wesley," he said as he handed the phone to her.
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