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Lost love found - A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG

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Lost love found [Jan. 11th, 2007|09:55 pm]
A Different Time - A Buffy/Wes & Fred/Nick RPG


[Current Location |Las Vegas, Nevada]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

The sound of the locker door shutting filled the small room as Nick slipped his jacket on. He opened his small duffle bag and slipped the pictures Doc Robbins had given him earlier. They were photos from a recent autopsy he'd done. The case had been closed when everyone came to the conclusion it'd been a wild animal who had killed the woman. But, Nick had another theory.

A theory he could only discuss with Fred. If he told the rest of him he thought it might be a demon, he'd end up talking to the department's shrink.

"Hey," Warrick said when he walked in. "You off already?"

"Yep," Nick said with a grin. "Greg finally got those DNA results back. Bagged the perp and now I'm goin' home."

"Got plans with Fred tonight?" the other man asked as he put his bullet proof vest inside of his locker before sitting down on the bench.

"Nah. Just a quiet night at home," Nick said as he picked up his duffle bag. "Maybe they weekend we can meet up and do something. She's been wantin' to go to that new Mexican place over on Melrose."

"Sounds good. Just give me a ring."

"Will do," Nick said before telling Warrick goodbye and leaving the locker room.

He walked through the building, a smile to his face. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed. Over six years ago, he was madly in love with Fred, wanting to marry her. She was living in Los Angeles and he had just started working for the Las Vegas crime unit. They had the perfect relationship and were looking forward to their lives together.

Nick could remember the day she disappeared as if it'd happened the day before. They had spoken on the phone for about an hour, making plans for Nick to drive to Los Angeles to visit her. She was supposed to call later than night, but she didn't. The next call he would get was to tell him she had gone missing.

Shortly after, he started a frantic search for her. He had almost lost his job because all he could think about was her. If it hadn't been for Grissom, he would've been unemployed. But, he still couldn't get her out of his system - no matter how many years had gone by. Fred was the love of his life, and he continued to search for her.

A few months before, Nick got a message at the station, asking him to call someone named Wesley. He recognized it has a Los Angeles number, and even though he didn't want to get his hopes up, he couldn't help but to wonder if it was about Fred. When he called, he spoke to Wesley and found out Fred had been found.

He left for Los Angeles that night and went straight to the hotel. When he got there, Wes warned him Fred had been through a lot and she might be a little different. He went up to her room and at first she was skittish and said he wasn't real. It broke his heart but he knew he couldn't lose her again. That's when Nick reached out and softly touched her cheek, like he had so many times in the past. And, it was that gesture which brought Fred back to him.

They spent a week at the hotel, Nick trying hard to understand what happened to her. He was given books to look at and he couldn't believe there was another culture out there, with vampires and demons and witches. It took Nick awhile to understand it all but he tried - for Fred's sake.

It was finally decided the best place for Fred was in Las Vegas with him. They went back and she slowly recovered and they grew close again. Nick was glad the love they'd had before was still there, and this time it was stronger. Nothing would ever take his Fred away from him again.

After leaving the lab, Nick drove to a local Taco Hut and ordered a pack of tacos, along with some soda. He had called Fred earlier and they decided to just have takeout for supper and lay around for the rest of the night. With the tacos in hand, Nick pulled his Tahoe into the driveway and drove it into the garage.

When he stepped inside, he was greeted by their black lab. "Hey, Max," he said before the dog limped off. Nick always wished he could do something for the dog, who'd been shot in his hind leg, but the vet said he wasn't in pain and Max loved running around and jumping on their bed - while they were trying to sleep.

Setting the food on the kitchen table, Nick walked into the living room, where Fred was standing and putting a book back on its shelf. Walking over to her, he wrapped his arms around her from behind and smiled. "How's my girl?" he asked before placing a small kiss on her neck.

[User Picture]From: sciencegrl_fred
2007-01-16 04:26 am (UTC)
Having Nick's hand on her back, offering support, helped Fred to keep her mind from running away with her. She didn't know what kind of demon this might be - though she was sure it was a demon. For all she knew, there was a similar kind of demon here in this dimension. For all she knew...for all she knew...

She looked up at Nick, nodding when he said they'd call him in the morning. Wesley was their best bet to figure this out - for all her time in Pylea, she was still figuring stuff like this out. She was wondering if she could find more information on the Internet to give to Wesley when Nick pulled the pictures from her hands and put them away, but before she could protest he was holding his hand out to her.

"I missed you too," she told him softly, taking his hand and letting him help her up. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned forward to kiss him before giving him a smile. "And I think so time together in bed would be wonderful."

She hadn't been certain, not that long ago, if she would be ready to sleep with Nick again, after all that had happened and the time they had been apart. But he had been so sweet and gentle with her that when the time had come, being back in his arms as he made love to her had seemed right and amazing.

Reaching down, she took his hand and led him into the bedroom. Max seemed to realize what they were planning, so he stayed where he was, curled up in his chair. Inside the room, Fred turned back to Nick.

"I think this was the bed you were referring to," she asked with a smile.
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[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-16 05:00 am (UTC)
Nick smiled as Fred agreed to go to bed. He'd been worried she would want to sit out there and stare the pictures all night long. After giving Max a look, wondering if he was ever going to give him back his favorite chair, Nick followed Fred into their bedroom. He closed the door behind him and glanced over at the bed.

"I believe it is, darling," he said before he leaned down and softly kissed her.

As they kissed, he reached down and tugged at the hem of her shirt. He pulled back long enough to pull it over her head before kissing her neck. Nick's hand moved around to her back and easier unclasped her bra. With his mouth still on her neck, he pulled her bra off and moved his mouth down to her breasts.

"You smell so good," Nick said as he nuzzled against the soft skin of her breast. He found one of her nipples and sucked on it, moaning as it hardened in his mouth.

His hands moved down to her jeans and he unbuttoned them, knowing he needed her naked. As he moved his mouth to her other nipple, he pulled her jeans and panties down. Taking a step back, he groaned at the sight of her. "You're so beautiful, Fred," he whispered as he felt himself start to strain against his jeans.

He wanted nothing more than to strip his clothes off and thrust into her, but he wanted to pleasure her first. With a smile, he took her hand and had her sit on the edge of the bed. He kneeled down and hissed a little. Reaching down, he undid his jeans and unzipped them to give himself some relief.

Nick then wrapped his arm around her waist and looked up at her. "Just enjoy for now," he murmured before he dipped his head down and started to suck on her clit as pushed two fingers inside of her.
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[User Picture]From: sciencegrl_fred
2007-01-16 05:40 am (UTC)
When Nick pulled on her shirt, Fred raised her arms, letting him pull it off her, shivering a little in the air conditioned chill of the room. A soft moan escaped from her mouth at the feel of his lips on her, especially when they closed around her nipple. The sensation almost sent her stumbling, so she wrapped her arms around him, holding him tight to keep from falling over.

"Nick," she exhaled, her eyes fluttering close. Oh God, the things he made her feel. Even though she had come to think she had made him up during her time in Pylea, the moment he had touched, it had all come rushing back just how real he was and how he made her feel. She was so caught up in it that she wasn't completely aware of him pulling her jeans and underwear off until he had pulled back, telling her she was beautiful.

When she had come back, she hadn't felt beautiful. After five years of feeling dirty and messy, she hadn't thought she could ever be beautiful, especially with the scars now crossing her back from where her Pylean owners had beat her. She had been so scared to let him see her, see those, because it would be a reminder that she wasn't the Fred he had been in love with anymore. But even with the scars, he had looked at her the same way, touched her the same way, and that more than anything made her feel beautiful.

"So are you," she told him, wanting to reach out and pull his clothes off, but before she could, he was gently drawing her down to the bed and kneeling in front of her.

Moments later, she felt his mouth on her clit and his fingers inside her, causing her to grab the bedspread as her hips bucked up against him. The sudden wave of sensations through her almost robbed her of her breath. "Nick..."

His touch quickly sent her spiraling toward that edge. More, she need more. Needed to come, needed him inside her, needed to know that he'd always been there and never let her go. It crashed over her, making it hard to think and speak. All she had ever wanted was Nick, and she had him back.

"Oh...oh God," she groaned, the need was quickly heading toward overload, and she didn't know if she'd be able to take it until she let out a cry, her body tensing for a moment before she came hard against his hand and tongue.
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[User Picture]From: texas_csi
2007-01-16 06:02 am (UTC)
Nick continued to lick and suck, his fingers thrusting into her harder. He loved everything about her - her scent, her taste, and the little sounds she made as she got closer to edge. He could always tell when she was getting close so he started to lick and suck even harder, his fingers going even faster.

When she cried out, her muscles contracting around his fingers, Nick felt his cock throb. He closed his eyes, willing himself to not come as he licked her clean. Gently removing his fingers, he licked them clean and then stood from the floor. Reaching down, he pulled his jeans and boxers down, sighing in relief, his cock finally free from their confines.

Sitting down, he softly kissed her lips, his hands running over her flushed body. He pulled back and pulled off his shirt, and dropped it to the floor. "I love you so much, Fred," he whispered as his eyes ticked over to the bedside table. Inside were two things he wanted to pull out but he didn't know if it was the right time.

With a sigh, he leaned over and took a condom out of the drawer. He then reached down and pulled out the lock box from under it. He smiled at Fred and handed her the condom. "You can decide on that. You may not want me anymore after what I'm about to do," he said before unlocked the box.

Inside was a small black box and he took it out. "A couple of weeks before you went missing, I bought this. I kept it, hoping to give it to you some day. There was even a period of time when I wore it because I needed you closer to my heart," he said as he looked Fred in the eyes.

Nick then opened the box, revealing a small engagement ring with a single diamond. "It was all I could afford back then and I'm sure I can get something better now. I just want to spend forever with you," he said, his erection forgotten. "Will you marry me, Fred?"
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